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Current Manufacturers Represented

Company Items
Bar-S Foods Company Meats, Deli, Side Wall
Baptista's Bakery, Inc. Breadsticks, Sauces
Brooklyn Bottling Private Label Juices
Bruce Foods Corporation Sweet Potatoes
Brondow Pine Cleaners
Bunge Foods Private Label Cooking Oils
Canfisco Private Label Canned Fish
Cansborb Industries Pine Fresh Cat Litter
Chef Gracia Mexican Deli Chips and Salsa
Doane Pet Pet Food
Durkee Mower Marshmallow Fluff
Fielddale Farms Processed Beef, Chicken
Golden Stream Bulk and Packaged Candy
Hammons Products Eastern Black Walnuts
Harvest Time Foods Frozen Dumplings
Keller's Creamery, LLC Keller's and Breakstone
New Hampshire Match Matches
Sales Mark Coffee Packs
Zartic, Inc. Processed Chicken