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Peter M Sosik - President

Thank you for the time to review and consider employing the resources of Regional Access Inc to build your business.  Our business model is quite simple.   We provide sales and marketing services to clients whose needs are best served in a non-mega national agency environment.  Specifically, to clients whose results depend on attention, strong customer contact, enthusiasm, and creativity.  We will offer these clients an opportunity to have their business valued, and managed with consistency by experienced, skilled executives.

The current food sales and marketing agencies are ineffective for small and mid- size clients.  Pressure from large clients restricts their ability to allocate resources against small and mid- size clients.  Also, the sheer size of these agencies communication infrastructure is restrictive to responsiveness and flexibility, critical ingredients to the success of small and mid-size clients.  Finally, the mega-agency system does not facilitate brand expert selling.  Business Development Managers   are often isolated from their customers.  The critical customer contact is left in the hands of sales people overloaded with Brands and unable to be experienced in all of them . 

Regional Access specializes in small and mid- size clients.  We maintain a lean, flat organizational structure that encourages responsiveness to critical short notice strategies and opportunities.   However, the backbone of our success is our Business Development Manager System.  Regional Access' Business Development Managers are empowered to drive their brands.  In all cases, they have as much customer contact as our Sales People.  The result is decision-makers and brand experts having direct customer contact.

Your mission is our mission, your future is our future, and as you succeed, so shall we.


As your partner, we promise

      To achieve your goals

      To develop ideas to build your business

      To intimately know your brands

      To intimately know your customers

      To exercise integrity and professionalism

      To implement, track, and analyze your plan

      To add value to your company

      To treat your business as our own



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